As businesses grow and markets evolve, it’s easy to lose sight of how your brand is perceived and if it is still how you want to present your business. A timely brand ‘health-check’ can ensure that your brand remains relevant and distinctive.

Your brand is precious – it’s important to take good care of it. mocomms. can help you to meet your brand challenges head on with practical and expert support.

mocomms. branding support services include:


* Brand auditing

* Brand vision and values articulation

* Brand identity creation or refresh

* Brand identity implementation

* Brand development

* Brand repositioning

What does your brand really say about your business?

Having a strong and distinctive brand that reflects your company’s vision and values is core to building recognition, trust and ultimately a loyal customer following.  Presenting your brand with a strong and consistent identity will help ensure that your business is distinctive and memorable.

Keep it focussed and keep it flexible

Businesses often grow faster than their brand. Keeping it fresh and relevant to your audience can often become challenging.  Organisational innovation is to be encouraged, however it can throw up new questions about your brand architecture. As your business grows getting your brand portfolio and architecture right can have a significant impact on value. Regular reviews will help you keep on top of your brand’s health and ensure that it remains aligned and is playing a full supporting role in the growth of your business.

A strong brand remains focussed on its purpose and communicates this in a coherent and consistent way to its audiences

And remember, it’s not just about the logo

Many businesses make the mistake of thinking their brand is all about a smart logo. While a distinctive brandmark is fundamental, your brand should permeate through every aspect of what you do – from the product you make or the service you deliver, to the quality of the sign on your building and the way in which your employees answer the phone.   Developing an

How do you fare versus your competitors?

Keeping an eye on your competition as well as your markets is important….

Consistency, consistency, consistency…is key

Consistent application throughout all your brand touch points to maintain a strong and memorable image.

“Humanising your brand”

In today’s digital world, marketing communications has revolutionised to a point where it is more possible than ever to have a one to one conversation with your client.

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